Dude Food (Twice Baked Potatoes)

Meal planning can get be tricky and if you have a teenage boy like mine who’s appetite went from being stuffed silly eating a Happy Meal to “I’m still hungry” after devouring a 24oz prime rib steak. Costco suddenly became my best friend.

I’m not one who likes to spend hours on end in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning, but if it means I get to create a great meal that scores a perfect 10 in satiety, I’m all in. 

We both love going to the Keg steakhouse every now and then as a treat. Our favorite is their twice baked potato to go with their melt-in-your mouth prime rib. Every time we order their twice baked potato, I often say to my son I can make this at home too. Just as good, if not better.