Self-Love: It is Here

Facing our fears is perhaps one of the most terrifying experiences a guy can have. Why is it so painful and daunting to look deep into that abyss? Is it because we’re afraid we’ll discover things about ourselves that we’ll reject? It’s painful enough if the World rejects you, so why would I delve deeper into myself and run the risk of rejecting myself? Why would I walk straight into a burning house?

A Man’s Perspective on Love

Does love mean accepting the person as they are? If that’s true, we wouldn’t be fussing at them to turn off that gawd awful TV show the Bachlorette, would we? Yet, we still love them regardless of their different interests. Thus my perspective’s changed. You can still love someone, and not accept them entirely.

So, my quest continued to define what love means for me. Here’s what I came up with and jotted down…

Anxious Attachment in Relationships

I recently did some reading about different forms of attachment styles in relationships. I’m fascinated to learn more about myself as part of my ongoing personal development journey. Basically, what I’ve learned is that there are 2 attachment styles: Secure and Insecure. I dug deeper to determine what my attachment style has been in past relationships, determined not to repeat the same pattern in my current relationship with Annie. Based on a checklist of the behaviors, I fell into the Anxious Attachment Style.