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Jason Lee is the author of Living with the Dragon: Healing 15 000 days of abuse and shame.

In this moving memoir, Lee gives an honest and brave account of his life. As a Canadian-born Chinese man in his forties, Lee was raised in a household rife with physical and emotional abuse. He recounts stories of torment, angry outbursts, and beatings in his home that made him feel humiliated and unloved from a young age. Bullying at school and a complicated relationship with his brother who has schizophrenia added to Lee’s feelings of worthlessness and shame.

With stunning vulnerability, Lee confesses to his own emotionally abusive behaviour as an adult. While he sees the connection to his upbringing, he holds himself fully accountable for his bouts of rage and irrational behaviour. He also shares about his personal struggles with depression and anxiety that he only came to realize in recent years.

Through the hard work of counselling, group therapy, meditation, and practices of self-compassion, Lee has turned his life around in remarkable ways. In this book, he shares lessons and tools for breaking the chain of abuse from one generation to the next.

“In his first book, Jason invites men to walk the path of transformation. Full of relatable experiences, this book is a must read for men who want a sunnier future for themselves and their families.” – Guillermo Comesaña, M.Ed, RCC.

“Jason’s book is a personal story of one man’s healing journey from childhood abuse and years of accumulated shame from societal and cultural influences. It is an inspirational mix of personal reflections about his life, and suggestions for healing, growth and change. The book should be read slowly, absorbed and used as a healing tool, as each chapter contains hidden gems of wisdom, that can only come from the hard work of personal growth. I recommend Living with the Dragon as an inspirational and motivating resource.” – Anita Bloy, RCC.

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In his book, you’ll learn…

  • How Childhood Abuse can affect us as adults:
    • Recognize that you’re not alone! Like millions of others, Jason is also an Adult Survivor of Childhood Abuse.
    • Learn tips on reaching out to your past and making a peaceful connection with it.
    • Gain perspective and acceptance of your painful experiences.
    • Discover your self-worth.
  • How to raise self-awareness in your struggles with Anger and Abuse:
    • Take steps on changing those negative thought patterns and beliefs.
    • Understand why it’s so difficult for millions of people who have challenges with their self-awareness to find help.
    • Learn what it takes to be accountable for your actions.
  • How to take care of your Mental Health:
    • Discover a wealth of useful resources addressing depression and anxiety.
    • Learn tools on how to manage your mental health and ways to reduce stigma.
    • Gain insight and knowledge from personal lived experiences that’s from an everyday, relatable and non-clinical perspective.
  • How to address difficult life transitions:
    • Discover tools and ideas to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.
    • Understand how to discover the true version of “you” and fulfill your passions and goals.

Jason Lee is one of few to go public with his former abusive tendencies. His open and organic approach blazes a trail for men and women who are ready to take the first steps towards changing negative behaviors and who want to embrace life to the fullest!

“There is no greater feeling than liberation and being able to live your most honest self” – Jason Lee

Promotional activity and fact sheet

  • Jason will be promoting Living with the Dragon alongside a screening event of the documentary “Call Me Dad” at Douglas College, Coquitlam on September 23, 2017. More information can be found on
  • In the Fall, Jason will be on a podcast hosted by Matt Pappas of Surviving My Past to talk about his book and his goals of reaching out to those who suffer from childhood abuse and depression.
  • Jason has been featured as a guest blogger on Matt Pappas’, Surviving My Past.
  • Living with the Dragon will be available as soft and hard cover as well as E-book.
  • Online listings of Living with the Dragon will be available for purchase through Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Chapters and other distributors.
  • Advertising platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Jason’s website, Solace (
  • Upcoming promotional plans include:
    • Selling hard copies at Odin Books (a bookstore specializing in Mental Health and Educational Resources) and Chapters along with book signing events.
    • Sharing Living with the Dragon to various organizations including CMHA, MOSAIC, Ending Violence, YMCA and Strength in Unity.
    • Connecting with media groups such as The Province, The Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail and Tri City News to promote awareness in mental health and childhood abuse.

The author

Jason Lee is also a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Group Facilitator and Collaborator specializing in childhood abuse, bullying, emotional abuse and mental health.

After struggling with his own personal battles with depression, anger and abuse, Jason decided to write a book to help and inspire others with personal challenges to seek support. His goal is to reshape societal views on mental illness and raise awareness that it can affect anybody. His lived experience provides him with deep insight and knowledge to skillfully help people who want to take the next steps towards healing. Jason has helped others move forward from their challenges and to learn how to take accountability for their lives. He is compassionate with his approach and driven to inspire and empower people to see their true potential.

In May of 2017, Jason was invited to speak at the Vancouver Mental Health Summit to talk about his personal experiences dealing with mental illness and to raise awareness in childhood abuse and its impact on mental health.

He has also been invited by York University to speak in Ottawa in September 2017 to members of Parliament and other public figures. The aims are to support structured intervention programs and advocate strategies to address stigma in mental health.


Book info

Book Title:                           Living with the Dragon

Subtitle:                                Healing 15 000 Days of Abuse and Shame

Release Date:                      October 2017

Publisher:                            Tellwell

Price:                                     TBD

ISBN:                                     TBD

Phone Number:                 +1 778 686 2038

Email Address:         

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