Mangry™ Episodes

What is the Mangry™ Podcast all about?

If you’re into conversations about retro-pop culture, relationships, work-life, parenting, mindless trivia and a whole lot of silly humor, this podcast is for you. Oh wait, there’s one hitch…there’s also some conversations related to men’s anger injected into the mix…why else would it be called Mangry?!

The goal on Mangry™ is to plant seeds about anger awareness, thus gently promoting change through insightful questions, relatable experiences, humor and introspection.

The mancave will never be the same!


Listen now to all the Mangry™ episodes:

Ep 01: Road Rage! *#@! You CUT me off!

Ep 02: The Pressures of Being a Super Dad.

Ep 03: From Angry to Happy – The Person Behind the Passion.

Ep 04: Shut Up and Listen! (what an angry man really wants)

Ep 05: Trauma…is it Just a Memory?

Ep 06: Lord, grant me Patience…but please hurry!



The Mangry™ Podcast is also available on iTunes and Spotify.

If you would like to be considered for the Mangry™ Podcast, please contact me today! I invite guests who are motivated and want to change the culture of toxic masculinity through casual conversations, shared knowledge and introspection. A sense of humor and a love for retro pop culture is also encouraged to be on the show!

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