A word on Kindness

Kindness begins with how we see ourselves. Much of this depends on how we were treated as children. Unfortunately, childhood abuse survivors often grow up as adults who a have hard time seeing themselves with kindness. We don’t realize the subconscious voices telling us that we’re unlovable, we don’t deserve happiness, we’re ugly or we’re useless. … More A word on Kindness

Traversing Souls

With each passing significant experience in my life, I’m able to self-reflect with personal growth. There’s been so many incredible positives to take away from this experience. Yet another chapter in my life, albeit short, has completed and new ones await. … More Traversing Souls

Returning Home

We often hear the term “Coming Home” or “The Journey towards Home” when it comes to healing and self-help. What are we acknowledging? Where can it lead us? These are questions I asked myself as I return home from a business trip. … More Returning Home