Acceptance and Compassion

In this video presentation, I talk about the importance of providing ourselves with the power of acceptance and compassion when dealing with powerful feelings. We can get consumed by our thoughts and feelings everyday, and this can be especially true for trauma survivors. The tools of acceptance and compassion validates our experiences which is necessary in shifting ourselves from a place of hurting to healing.

Advocacy and Empowerment in Mental Health

Saturday Feb 20th (10am-12pm PST) I’ve been invited to speak on the Advocacy and Empowerment in Mental Health Promotion webinar, hosted by the SSPC, alongside members from the Department of Psychiatry and Nursing from the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. The SSPC is a nonprofit organization devoted to furthering research, clinical care, and education in cultural aspects of mental health and illness.You can watch me Live on Zoom, presenting “My Mental Health Journey – the Value of Applying Acceptance and Compassion.”

(and no, I’m not a MediCATION Coach…😆)

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Why I’m Ending the Relationship

Over the years, I’ve done a truckload of work on myself, from professional therapy, to self help books, YouTube videos, seminars, classes, meditation, sound healing, journaling and the list goes on. Arming myself with all these exceptional tools gives me a fighting chance at a healthier, happier future.

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How I Let Go of Shame

Shame is the most debilitating feeling we all carry inside of us. It’s the underlying feeling that we’re most afraid to tap into because shame tells us that we’re not good enough, we’re unworthy or we are failures. It leaves us in a state of paralysis, preventing us from engaging in meaningful relationships and from putting our best foot forward. Carrying shame is like wearing a mask, covering up all our insecurities, fears and self-doubt. When anyone gets too close to us, shame lashes out in the form of anger, resentment and bitter resentment.

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3 Tips on How to Feel More Positive

If you’re feeling trapped in the negativity bubble, chances are you’re not alone. I used to be the guy who fell into the negativity trap, often feeling pessimistic towards just about anything. What this meant for me was I started attracting people in my life who thought the same way and together we built a community of naysayers. When things began to turn around for me several years ago, I noticed a shift in my daily life, albeit in small stages. I began to enjoy more uplifting music, I smiled more, I laughed lots, I was able to make jokes at my own expense, and I started to attract friends and people who carried a positive glow.

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