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I used to believe managing my stress and mental health was simply about taking deep breaths.

I was wrong. There’s so much more.

There was a long stretch of my life when I felt depressed but didn’t even realize it. I just thought it was normal to feel down and unmotivated all the time.

Sound familiar?

Through a series of events in my life, I started asking myself some thought provoking questions:

Where are my fears coming from? Why do I feel unmotivated? Is there a link to my experiences of growing up in a home of abuse and trauma? How did my past connect to my struggles with depression, anger and anxiety? What does my inner critic keep telling me? What is my inner critic? What are some tools I can use to promote equanimity?

To know and understand myself more, I began taking a deep dive and explored all these questions, discovering some simple truths. In simplistic terms, we are all hardwired differently based on what we experienced, and each of us holds a varying degree of resilience to manage our daily worries, stress and anxiety.

What now seems like a lifetime ago, I decided to take the brave steps of facing my past, working together with some outstanding therapists. What came out of it was a blessing. I felt compelled to share my journey with others, in hopes to inspire change in behaviors and mindset, especially in men. I became a published author, speaker, meditation facilitator and mental health educator.

In the process, I realized everyone has a story to share and it’s just a matter of finding that delicate and safe space to do that in. I found my voice through my work and managed to connect others with similar life challenges, while creating a community of belonging and healing. When I began to openly share my story, others realized they were no longer alone.

Thus, I started this website to share my stories with you; sometimes of my past struggles, other times about my successes (and sometimes about my random quirky thoughts!) My goal is to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle, while raising awareness to our mental health.

I hope you’ll take your time in my website discovering nuggets of useful information, humor and insight. I welcome your constructive comments and feedback because I learn equally as much from my readers.

Wherever the stage you’re at in your life, I wish you much happiness, love and wisdom.

~ Jason


While mental health is an incredibly important subject to me, I’m also a certified foodie (yes, there is such a thing!) who enjoys exercising and going on the occasional hike. Sitting at a coffee shop, reading and writing on a Saturday morning is one of the most relaxing things I do. I’m a Lakers fan, traveler, ramen junkie, owner of an adorable cat from Bellingham, coffee drinker, half marathon-er, daydreamer, north of the 49th parallel man living the Dad Life.

But most of all…

I’m Just Jason.

Author | Blogger | Speaker | Podcaster | Instructor | Mental Health Advocate | Dad

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