Who Am I?


I’m Jason.

I used to believe managing my stress, anger and mental health was simply about taking deep breaths.

I was wrong. There’s so much more.

I’ve spent the better part of my life feeling angry, and for the longest time I felt depressed and was never pleased with almost everything, including life at home, at work and in my relationships.

Sound familiar?

Then I started asking myself some questions:

Where are my struggles coming from? Is there a link back to childhood experiences of abuse and trauma? How does my past relate to my present day struggles with depression, anger and anxiety? What does a life of recovery look like? How can I take accountability for my behaviors? What are some tools I can use to promote happiness?

I began exploring these questions to find some simple truths.

Starting at a very young age, I experienced a life of anger, family violence, physical, verbal and emotional abuse and mental health challenges. As an adult, I lacked the self-awareness skills to understand my struggles with anger, until I finally took the brave steps of facing my past, working together with some outstanding therapists. As a result, I became a published author, speaker, blogger, podcaster, mental health advocate and instructor. I learned that by understanding my past with wholehearted acceptance, I’m able to map my future with greater clarity and peace.

Thus, I started this page to share my tales of struggle, strife and success with you in order to promote healthier living through mental health education and anger awareness.

I realized that everyone has a story to share and it’s a matter of finding that delicate space to do that in. I found my voice through my work and managed to connect other childhood abuse and trauma survivors to a community of belonging and a path of recovery.

I discovered that the majority of abuse survivors have been too afraid to share their stories. Like me, they feared being judged, dismissed and invalidated. But when I began to openly share my story, others realized they were no longer alone.

I hope you’ll take your time in my website discovering nuggets of useful information, humor and insight. I welcome your constructive comments and feedback because I learn very much from my readers as well. I feel it’s a shared growth.

Wherever the stage you’re at in your life, I wish you much happiness and wisdom.

~ Jason

“I believe sharing lived experiences from a non-clinical perspective can be an invaluable recovery tool for trauma and abuse survivors, because that’s where empathy and compassion can truly emerge.”

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Jason Lee, Author of Living with the Dragon.