3 Tips on How to Manage Anxiety

The feeling of anxiety can hijack our thoughts, leading us into a state of mental paralysis. Our mind begins to wander, we ruminate and we have a hard time focusing on tasks at hand.

Learning to slow down and being more present has helped me appreciate the beautiful things I have around me. Especially during this time of covid, and after observing how fragile life can be when I hear daily in the news on how many people suddenly loses a loved one, I’m welcoming life as something I want to enjoy, rather than to chase. This has been a conscious choice for me to enjoy my precious time with my son, with D and her kids and with the activities I do. I realize, with each passing day spent with them, I have one less day to enjoy those special moments with them. I’ll never get those moments back. This value I have reminds me that I want to make the most of my time here with the people and activities I place most importance to.

What values do you place in your life? What matters to you most? How has anxiety taken you away from being present?

In this video, I share with you the 3 biggest tips on how I started to shift from feeling anxious in life, to becoming more present.

Jason Lee, Author of Living with the Cat, the 9 Biggest Reasons Why Your Life Sucks!

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