My trip to Iceland #nofilters

I just got back from my dream trip to Iceland, and let me tell you, I had the most incredible time there with friends Randy and Rene. I could go on and on about the vast, beautiful and ever changing terrain or the delish food we had (fermented shark, puffin, lots of lamb), or maybe ramble on about the new friendships we made but no amount of words can capture how important this trip was for me and how I feel today.

My eyes have opened up to a bigger world. And though I travel often for work, this single experience instilled a humbling feeling inside. Returning home felt stifling and suffocating when I contrast that against the open road of my time in Iceland. Sure, I realize I was on vacation, but I didn’t see it that way. I saw this trip as a necessity for me, an educational experience, and a calling out. Those who’ve traveled and backpacked in their 20’s know what I’m talking about. I may be about 20 years late for the prom but it’s never to late to experience new things, to dive into your passions and explore life as it’s meant to be lived. I often get caught in the vacuum of routines and mundane tasks at the office that I often ask myself these days, Why?

I returned home as the new owner of a community magazine. Writing has been my passion for as long as I remembered, but never took the steps to pursue anything to do with it until a few years ago. I look forward to the excitement of beginning yet another new chapter in my life.

As for my trip from Iceland – in that short week, which felt like several months of living, I know it’s changed me and my perspective of what I want to do now.

(for more amazing pics of Iceland #nofilters visit my Instagram page below or to the right.)


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There’s something greater to be learned in our journey otherwise life would just be too predictable and I’m not quite willing to accept that!

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  1. Loved reading this and thank you for sharing such a perspective altering trip! So inspiring and beautiful!


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