Why So Unhappy?

The way to get started is to stop talking and begin doing. – Walt Disney

And that’s exactly what I did to complete another one of my longtime goals. For the longest time, I’ve always come up with common excuses like “I have no time”, “it’s too late” or “I’ll never succeed”.

Sound familiar?

Amazing things happen when you look beyond your comfort zone, and pursue passions you’ve only talked about, but never ventured into. Things start to feel stale in life because we get caught in a rhythm of doing the same things that make us feel unhappy inside. What if you dipped your toes into the water and tried something you’ve always wanted to? How fulfilling would that feel?

What happens when you feel stuck?

I used to have every excuse in the book for my unhappiness. It was always someone else’s fault, or how shitty my upbringing was. I wasn’t loved enough, or no one gave me what I needed. My negative attitude led me to a path of depression, anxiety and anger, never able to sustain a healthy relationship with anyone because I would constantly look externally for validation. So that’s how I lived my life for decades. I was holding everyone else accountable for my misfortunes, when the answers all came from within.

What can you do about it?

It wasn’t an overnight realization or transformation for me. Like all good things, patience, hard work and time are required. You can talk about, talk about it and talk about changing all you want, but until you learn to shift negative thought patterns and put things into practice, not a whole lot will change. There’s a wealth of resources out there available. All you have to do is have the desire to change, then take action right away! Your situation will remain the same, until you take do something about it. Counselors, books, workshops, courses, community groups, online materials are just a few resources you can tap into to get things started for yourself. At the end of the day, no one else can motivate you to want the change. It’s up to you to take those first few brave steps. Believe it or not, that’s the hardest part is asking for help.Lebron

Go rogue and let go of your nasty old belief system!

I learned that my depression and anxiety were fueled by what I used to believe about myself: I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t lovable. I wasn’t worthy. There’s a lot of reasons why these negative beliefs about myself existed, but until I was able to learn to reprogram those beliefs, I continued to be stuck in my own unhappiness. When I reshaped the beliefs I had about myself, it was a lot easier for me to be a rebel and explore different areas in my life that I wanted to change. I became an author, a speaker, a better dad, an advocate for mental health and soon-to-be an entrepreneur. Dig deep and ask yourself the tough questions like, “What are some beliefs that’s holding me back? What can I do to address these negative beliefs? How do I begin to change my scarcity mindset into ones that are abundant?”


Remember to enjoy the process!

Live a little and laugh a lot! I spend a lot of my time these days having fun with friends and family members, laughing and enjoying life more. I give myself permission to have fun, which is a huge contrast to who I was many years ago. In a matter of weeks, I’m going to Iceland with some friends. This has been a dream of mine for decades and I finally found the courage to make it happen. When your belief system begins to shift, you’ll appreciate even the simplest of things around you. You’ll discover your passions and find it much easier to have the courage to pursue them.Live laugh learn

Living with the Cat is the result of my passion for writing. It’s my masterpiece, which I’ve enjoyed whole-heartedly putting together and I’m so excited to share it with you. What’s it about? Well, without spoiling it for you, it’s about the 9 biggest roadblocks in life that I’ve seen time and time again in people who are feeling unhappy. It’s a blend of some quirky humor, a pinch of sarcasm, some 80’s pop references and a cat (sorry dog lovers!). I completely discovered a fun style in writing and Living with the Cat is a testament to my personal growth. It is with great joy that I now get to share it with you!

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