When’s the Last Time You Went for a Mental Health Checkup?

Finally, it’s Friday! This past week, I’ve been feeling a little melancholic, and a little depressed even. Though I’ve got much to look forward to including an upcoming trip to Iceland with friends, a book launch and a road trip to Portland in December, my mind has felt heavier these days, like a ton of bricks.

I got to thinking about things that’s been making me feel depressed: I thought about my brother with schizophrenia and how tragic his life’s been, losing his quality of life for over 30 years now. I thought about my friends who are going through breakups and heartaches, after having such happy long term relationships. I can’t imagine the ups and downs they must be feeling, from all the great memories they’ve had with their once lifelong partners. I thought about my past relationships and how wonderful they were, yet no longer exist. I even thought about how I’ve been loathing going to work ever since returning from vacation. Much of this has left me feeling depressed.

I sometimes feel this way for no particular reason. Sometimes I feel my brain’s been wired to feeling morose, looking for unhappy thoughts. I think it’s partly because it’s been so used to feeling this way for the better part of my life. But I also realize, I need to continually re-tune it. I need to re-wire the programming in my brain. I was reminded of this diagram the other day and how much I need to constantly work on improving my mental health. Although I do almost everything on here on a regular basis, I saw opportunities where I can improve upon:healingSo, I practiced what I learned over the years and picked up the phone to make an appointment to see my counsellor tonight. I reminded myself that I have so many tools I can use to combat depression. I also spent some time meditating to recenter myself to the present. It’s paramount that I recognize when I feel this way and address it, rather than bottle it up inside. I even told my son how I was feeling and why, then explained to him that I needed to get a mental health checkup with my counsellor.

My hour long meeting brought the much needed relief I was looking for. I went home feeling a lighter step and ready for the weekend. I’m so glad I went for a checkup, and I plan to go for a follow up in the next few weeks. I realized we can all get affected mentally by changes that happen in our lives. Even celebrities, famous authors and self-help gurus can be impacted (they just may not publicly share it). No one is immune to feeling depressed, lonely, anxious or upset, and it’s important to recognize even the slightest of these feelings, and address them accordingly.

When’s the last time you went for a mental health checkup?depression


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