The Real Reasons I Was Feeling Happy

I just returned from my fabulous vacation to Cancun and finally settling into home life again. I remember two years ago after returning from the Dominican Republic, writing how tough it was to get back into the routine and feeling the Post Vacation Blues. Though I enjoyed every minute of this trip to Cancun (even when I fell ill with the the flu for two straight days), I’m just as glad to be home to feel the warmth of my apartment, my bed, Inori and my environment. There really is no place like home. We made the most of our time and I certainly have a ton of fond memories with my beloved friends and my son. From start to finish, this trip was filled with non-stop laughter, photo shoots, photo bombs, jokes, poolside fun, great dining experiences and so much more. IMG_2265For two days while we were there, I was bed-ridden with a nasty flu (it’s still unconfirmed who patient zero was from our trip, but we have a strong suspicion it was my son). I had a killer sore throat, cold chills, fever, a cough and an excruciating headache. Needless to say I didn’t eat much and I was stuck watching HBO while the others were enjoying themselves on the beach having Mojitos and Pina Coladas. I had time to think deeper why I was feeling so happy during this trip. I also happened to read an old meme that was falsely attributed as Steve Jobs’ final quote, that mirrored my thoughts about feeling happy.

Here’s what I ended up documenting on my phone while laying in bed:

True happiness for me during this trip wasn’t about taking a luxurious yacht ride to a remote island. It wasn’t about the pampering 24 hour room service our hotel offered, the large rooms or the fine dining experiences. It wasn’t the massage treatment I got and the endless Mai Tai’s getting slightly buzzed after each sip. Those were all wonderful and enjoyable experiences which I am truly grateful for, but the material happiness they brought me will never be long lasting nor soulful. (If I sound like an unappreciative brat here, hopefully I redeem myself in what I’m about to say.)OJCB8511

Happiness during this trip was when I was laughing, joking around and being silly with my family and friends. It didn’t matter what we were doing (at the beach, in our rooms playing cards, at the restaurant). I was happiest with all the little moments, when pieced together, made this trip so wonderful.

  • I was feeling happy even while we were lining up ready to board the plane, feeling the anticipation of our trip.
  • I was happy walking around the airport at 10:30 PM with my friend and his wife, while the kids were wandering around the airport giggling and having fun on their own.
  • I was happy when we discovered a mutant sized grasshopper outside our hotel room as we awed in amazement.
  • I was happy taking photos of everyone and goofing around posing for some of the silliest pictures.
  • I was happy tossing a football in the pool with the kids, laughing when we’d miss the ball and feel the splash of water on our face.
  • I was happy building sandcastles on the beach, using our imaginations to try to prevent our castles from destroyed by the incoming tide.
  • I was happy having a morning cup of coffee watching the beautiful scenery in front of me.
  • I was happy watching my best friend and his wife walk around with the biggest smiles on their faces, beaming at each other like they’re newly dating again.
  • I was happy to see my son tickled with delight knowing there was a basketball court at the resort.
  • I was happy to meet new people (and be the butt end of some inside jokes!)
  • I was happy sitting alone on the beach listening to the sound of the waves.
  • I was happy watching old movies in my room while I was sick (I hardly ever watch TV at home).
  • I was happy watching the spectacular sunset one night by the docks at a restaurant.
  • I was happy (and humbled) to be a part of a different culture.
  • I was happy discovering two beautiful seashells on the beach (I was the only one in our group to even look for any!)
  • I was happy that my friend brought a daily journal for everyone to write in every night and how it was his way of remembering the great memories we shared. (It such a fantastic idea!)
  • I was happy playing and teaching my son how to play ping pong.
  • I was happy with the all laughter, the smiles, the jokes, the conversations, the great company I was in and the quality time with my friends and family.

All this is what I will remember most from this vacation.



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