Living With the Cat – The 9 Biggest Reasons Why Your Life Sucks!

Growing up, I remember my family owned quite a number of pets. There were our rabbits, Snowy and Chewy. Turtles, Seek and Strider. Our dog, Brew named after the Kokanee dog. Goldfish with no names and of course the budgies named Pete, Pete II, Pete III and so on because we obviously lacked the creative skills to give each our birds a different name. As you can tell, we pretty much owned a spectrum of the mainstream pets. All except for cats.

I never considered myself much of a cat person.

However, things changed later in life when my son several years ago asked if we could adopt one. He loves cats. I’m not exactly sure how kids develop an affinity for something, especially if the parents have never even brought it up before. It’s one of many beautiful wonders of being a parent; watching your kids develop a mind of their own.

Prior to this, I’ve only had one other experience with a cat. I was an owner by association. In other words, it was my ex’s. I loved that cat. He was a big ball of fur weighing around 18 pounds. What also made him so lovable was how oddly he behaved. Then I learned that all cats apparently are weird fuckers. They’re outright peculiar with their unpredictable idiosyncrasies. Cat owners around the world are nodding their heads in unison right now.

Do you know why cats sit and stare at blank walls?


Me neither.

But it’s hilarious as hell trying to figure out what could possibly be so entertaining on that coat of white paint.

Maybe they’re just meditating.

So we eventually adopted a cat to call our own. My son and I that is. Our little feline friend is from Bellingham, Washington and there’s a backstory to it all which I’ll save for another day.

We named her Inori. It’s Japanese for prayer. I’m not Japanese, but the name suits her anyways. Plus don’t most Japanese words sound so elegant? Sashimi. Wasabi. Futomaki. OK, maybe my grasp of the Japanese language is only limited to what’s on a sushi menu, but you catch my drift.

She’s a real sweetheart of a cat. I describe her as the cat in an old used bookstore. You hardly notice she’s around because she’s so quiet and sleeps 3/4 of the day. She’s our American cat, our little baby girl, our gentle friend.cat1

Inori’s also the inspiration behind my 2nd book. She came into our lives when we needed that dramatic shift most desperately. You know, that positive change, the turning point, the light at the end of the tunnel. Roll out the cliches because she marked the beginning of it all.

What’s the title of the book?

Living with the Cat, the 9 Biggest Reasons Why Your Life Sucks!

Concept design for the cover by yours truly.

You probably guessed it. The book’s not about cats. It’s a witty and satirical follow up to my first book Living with the Dragon, Healing 15 000 Days of Abuse and Shame, and takes a unique spin on looking at life. Filled with sarcastic punchlines and deep-dish insight, I’m looking forward to share my latest project with you. cat2

Just be prepared. As the title already suggests, I’m not pulling any punches. Due out Fall 2019, stay tuned for updates on where I’m at with the book. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with my dedication:

I dedicate this book to my beloved cat, Inori. I hope in your next life you’ll be able to read how much I love you and how utterly putrid it is to clean up your vomit.

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Inori insists on proofreading my work.



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