Old Friends at the Old Orchard Bowling Alley

It was for fundraiser put together by my friend Randy and his Dragon-Boat Race team. Several weeks ago, he invited the posse to join him at the Old Orchard Bowling Alley in South Burnaby and I couldn’t say no. I can’t remember the last time I bowled (let alone 5 pin), so I figured why not? Most importantly it was a great opportunity to see old friends again. I haven’t seen these guys altogether since….January maybe?

Check out this retro looking sign. I tried Googling how old this place is but couldn’t find the answer. I imagine it’s been around since the 70’s perhaps?

Anyways, it’s been a long time since I last saw these guys when once we used to hang out almost biweekly. But life pulls us in different directions, so I’m thankful for these mini reunions. We used go camping once a year together, but fitting in our busy schedules has become more and more complicated over the years unfortunately.

There’s Rene, his wife Michelle, Alex, his wife Lynessa, Randy and myself. Rene, Randy, Alex and I have been buddies since University, and each of us has pursued our own lives and in different directions, yet we’ve managed to stay tight friends after all these years. We’ve collectively faced it all: marriage, kids, divorce, relationships, breakups, unemployment, death, mental health struggles, success stories and more. These are also the same group of friends that I’m not afraid to geek out with once in a while. We’ll talk about the latest blockbuster superhero movies, video games, play boardgames and we’ll even find ourselves in one of those fun Escape Room challenges every so often.

Buddies as well as guests on my Mangry Podcast (L to R): Superdad Alex, myself (still mourning the playoff exit of my Portland Ripcity Trailblazers) and Roadrage Randy.
Looks like we’re early for the Fundraiser.

Maintaining a healthy social life is paramount for me. I sometimes struggle balancing between work, dad life and my side business as a writer, thus forgetting the importance of just having some good old fashioned fun where we don’t chat about our problems or vent about life. We just have fun, get silly and laugh….a lot.img_1514.jpg

Managed to squeeze a shot in with Rene (far right)

I can’t wait to see these guys again. We’re trying to get together for a dinner sometime in the next few weeks depending how everyone’s busy timetables look like. Randy and I also chatted about a potential trip to Iceland in October. That’s been a destination I’ve wanted to go to for well over 15 years (before it got so popular). That’s in the works depending on our budget and vacation days. Stay tuned!



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