Saturday Mornings and a Cup of Coffee

I love Saturday mornings. Even on a rainy day like today, I love to get up early and start my day with things I enjoy doing. What’s my favorite thing to do these days? That’s easy.IMG_E1460

I’ve been working on my second book. You might call it the follow up book to Living with the Dragon, but it works just as well as a stand alone. I’m about 3/4 done my manuscript and I can’t wait to share it with you (more to come, including teasers but I promise this one’s gonna be even better). I’ve been having such a fun time writing again and remembering how much I enjoyed piecing together my first book. Finding time (as you can relate) can be tricky, however. Between, work, workouts, cooking, cleaning, parenting, reading, sleeping and watching the NBA playoffs (that’s a must), I still like to squeeze in time to write. I’ll jot down notes whenever ideas pop in my head. Special shout out to the lovely Siri for taking down notes while I drive. It really is a hobby of mine, much like how you like gardening, crafting, cooking new recipes or fixing cars. It’s me time. Time when I can create and also exercise the old brain.IMGQ3609

So for the past few months, I’ve made a routine to go to my favorite coffee shop in Port Coquitlam to write. I get writer’s block every so often and take breaks, but I still go to that same coffee shop to read the paper, have a coffee and rekindle some inspiration.

Shout out to my fav spot in Poco! @wavescoffee

This morning, I treated myself to this sticky sweet piece of heaven. Yum. I love cinnamon buns even though it’s a massive agglomeration of flour, sugar and empty calories costing me a wallet-gouging $7.77 after tax. My coworker sometimes bakes fresh ones and brings them into work, and by mid morning, half the tray is gone. These ones from Waves coffee aren’t bad either, moist on the inside with a light toasted texture on the outside. Pairs nicely with my medium roast of coffee, splashed with milk and a little sweetener.MKBJ0286

After a couple of hours writing, munching, sipping and researching, the coffeeshop was starting to get busier. My cue to head home. Next stop, the gym and a little 5-pin bowling tonight with some friends for a fund raiser. I can’t remember the last time I bowled, but it should be nothing but good times and a whole lot of steee-riiikes!


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