Why it’s Important to Have a Healthy Perspective.

I really enjoy working with my delightful coworker, Stella. She’s the happy, positive and inquisitive millennial in the office that often offers very practical and sensible solutions with confidence. But what impresses me most is her level of intelligence and maturity that’s beyond her years, capable of deflecting conflict with a casual smile and pure optimism.

I think it’s what I would call having a healthy and strong perspective.girl-3316342_1920

Why is it important to a healthy perspective?

  1. It reminds us of the great things that we have around us. It also contrasts against the negative things going on in our lives. It helps us to remain positive when things get discouraging.
  2. It gives us the proverbial pat on the shoulder to remind ourselves that we’ve done a good job and have come a long ways. Maybe you’ve gotten into better shape now. Maybe you’re eating healthier. Perhaps you got a job that you’re happy with. When we sit back and look at our success and growth through a period of time, this can really boost our dopamine levels which is important when we sometimes lose sight of our self-esteem.
  3. It can help reduce the effects of depression and anxiety. When we worry about the past and future, we forget that we are living right here, right now in the present moment. When we are mindful of the present, our perspective is fixated on getting through the moment, rather than future woes or pitfalls from the past.

And as Stella demonstrated, a healthy perspective gives us options that we sometimes fail to see. In a room with only 1 door, a healthy perspective offers us a 2nd door to enter and exit from, and possibly more.doors-1767562_1920

I did some self-reflection of my life in the past 5 years, as I was feeling a little unmotivated and low on energy the last few days in the office. After I listed out some of my achievements and goals, I realized how far I’ve come in only 5 years. I’ll spare you my ‘bragging-rights’ list…simply because bragging isn’t something I feel would benefit my self-esteem in the long term. The point I’m making is that my perspective of my personal achievements helped me overcome my momentary feelings of defeat.


So the next time you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock, generate a list of things that you’ve accomplished in the last year or so, and you’ll gain that healthy perspective of how far you’ve come. And the great part is, those accomplishments could be really small ones, such as: completed reading a book, tried a new recipe, started going to the gym, or improved your skills at something you enjoy doing. You’ll realize that these small achievements add up to a greater feeling of happiness and success.

Jason Lee, Author of Living with the Dragon

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There’s something greater to be learned in our journey otherwise life would just be too predictable and I’m not quite willing to accept that!

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  1. I liked your article! Yes definitely it’s important to keep a health perspective especially when dealing with mental illness and its a great way to help you appreciate the things happening around you and develop a sense of humility.

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