Vacancy: Self-Worth in the Mind of a Childhood Abuse Survivor.

I feel exhausted today.

Just drained with nothing left in me. No smiles, no laughs and just feeling pooped the very moment I stepped back home through my apartment door. In fact, I kinda felt weary this morning when I got to the gym. I lacked energy and motivation at boot-camp and it didn’t help when I noticed Mac & Tosh walking, instead of jogging around the track during warm-up. I honestly felt like joining them with their walk and early bail-out to Starbucks.

Another burpee? No thanks.

And please, not another push-up.

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The Art of Doing Nothing for Your Mental Health

Tonight my son’s with his mom which means I’ve got a little bit more free time to myself. So what did I do with my free time?

  • Do the laundry
  • Iron my clothes
  • Clean the litter box for Inori
  • Cook dinner
  • Go to the supermarket and buy more fruits
  • Prepare lunch for tomorrow
  • Take out the garbage

Something’s missing in there…that elusive thing we call “me-time”. I’ve successfully managed to fill up my schedule with endless tasks and forgot the most important one.

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Self-Discovery and the People who Make us Smile

It felt like forever since the last time Alex, Lynnessa, Randy, Rene and I got together. I honestly can’t remember the last time we did. They’re my longtime friends since my University days which means that was over 20 years ago – when we were all skinnier, with a full head of hair and without any gray that we all now try to claim is “fashionable”. In fact, I’ve known Rene since I was in Grade 8 which makes him my longest tenured friend I have. Continue reading “Self-Discovery and the People who Make us Smile”

Mastering Boundaries

The other day at the office, Stella asked if I wanted to go out for lunch at the nearby sushi restaurant. We managed to find a great little spot, referred to by my other colleague, Cat. For under $10, you get a bento box (comprising of high quality sushi, sushi and more sushi, a garden salad and teriyaki chicken) along with a miso soup on the side. And did I mention that the sushi chef sometimes throws in a freebie of one his own creations?

Yes, that’s right. All this for under $10…mmm.

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“What is Mental Health?”

“Uncle Jay, what’s mental health?” asked 11 year old Nate.

I deepened my voice and was about to reply, “Well, son…” when I realized that I wasn’t his dad and he wasn’t “John Boy.”

And just to clarify, I’m not really his uncle. However, in Chinese culture, kids call adults who aren’t related to them as “Uncle” or “Auntie”. It’s the equivalence of calling someone Mister or Ms son-and-so. But seriously, don’t ask me why they don’t just do that because it gets terribly confusing trying to discern if the person is actually a relative or not.

Nate’s the stepson of my best friend and he’s also my son’s good friend, hence he came over to play some video games and crash at our place for the weekend. Continue reading ““What is Mental Health?””