Everyone is affected by Mental Health

I’ve become quite the NBA basketball fan over the past year thanks to my teenage son. Despite his struggles with depression, basketball is something that he discovered on his own and it gets him talking. His passion for the sport got me into it and we’ve even managed to catch some games in Denver and Portland this year, despite living in Vancouver, BC where basketball unfortunately isn’t as popular as it should be.

A quick short blog by me and then I’m going to hand it over to my “friend” Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers:

I read a great post by Love today about him opening up to talk about his mental health. He’s a fairly soft spoken athlete and all-star who decided to share about his experiences.

After reading it, I immediately forwarded it to my son who’s a fan of Love as well and it opened up a dialogue between he and I about mental health. What I love (no pun intended) about the fact that celebrities opening up to their personal struggles is that they can bridge a gap for so many people who live with mental health challenges. Pop stars, athletes and movie stars who are adored and idolized for their work in the entertainment world have the power to open up the dialogue as it did for me today.

At the end of the day, celebrities are all human beings as well and not immune to mental health struggles. In fact, some may arguably face greater challenges being in the public eye and trying to manage the highs and lows of feeling euphoric and then isolated.

Kudos to the role models out there and for their bravery in sharing…

And now, over to Mr Love for a little heart-to-heart about his mental health. Happy reading everyone – Cheers, Jason

Read: Everyone is Going Thru Something, by Kevin Love, Forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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