Solace Hits 1 Year Promoting Mental Health Awareness

I can’t believe it’s already been 1 entire year since I started this blog and it’s been a wonderful experience sharing my thoughts, reading others’ and learning to be more tech-savvy!

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Most importantly however, this blog represents my growing understanding of mental health. Years prior, my awareness and knowledge was limited, overshadowed by ignorance and naivety. With increased self-awareness along with family members and friends who live with the daily struggles, it was inevitable that I needed to learn more about it.

Launching this blog, starting Meetup groups, working with Men’s Groups, speaking at numerous events and last but not least, publishing my book has helped me spread awareness about mental health and how we’re all affected by it to some capacity. Young or old, male or female, no one is immune to mental health struggles and I include myself in that statement with an exclamation mark!

And the purpose of raising awareness for mental health is to normalize it, so that society can reduce the stigma around it which will make it a lot easier to reach out for help. With mental health days, Bell Let’s Talk days, Movember and the hundreds of websites and events promoting mental health awareness, I feel we’re taking big strides. It’s kind of like the snowball effect: as it’s rolling down the hill, it gets bigger and bigger. Thus, the more we talk openly about our struggles, the more we invite others to feel safe to do the same. Take me for example: I now can talk about mental health much more openly than I did years ago. Imagine the impact this has on my friends and family members who now might be able to talk about it too. Suddenly the “snowball” just got bigger.

I don’t have all the answers when I blog, but it’s nice to share what I’ve learned and maybe gain new perspectives from others. One of the greatest feelings of blogging is to get feedback from my hundreds of followers. It’s a nice way to feel connected with my readers and to know that we have some things in common whether they’re from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Africa, India…it touches me knowing that my thoughts have reached so far across the globe – it’s an amazing world we live in.

Thank you everyone for reading and following Solace! And thank you to all the other fellow bloggers that I follow! Together, let’s keep promoting mental health awareness around the world!



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I will be speaking at an Arts and Mindfulness Event at Simon Fraser University on March 19, 2018. My speech is titled “Anger and Your Mental Health” which will also include a book reading from Living with the Dragon. The event is hosted by Moving Forward Family Services. Click this link at for more details.

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