5 Reasons Men Need to Journal

Hey Guys (and Ladies),

This morning at bootcamp, I had a nice conversation with my friends Mac & Tosh who gave me such great compliments about my blog! Thanks you two! They’re delighted that my work could have a positive impact on my son when he sees how transparent I am about my thoughts and feelings. I started blogging initially because I wanted to break barriers and be a trail blazer for guys out there who might feel reluctant about sharing their thoughts and feelings in public. I wanted to tell them, “Hey, I’m just an average guy hanging my balls out there about my weaknesses, my vulnerabilities and my thoughts…let’s hang together!” – Lol, ok…maybe not exactly in those words, but I just wanted to create an environment especially for guys to relate and feel comfortable talking about their struggles and challenges without feeling that it’s sissy, stupid or something only females do.

Let’s face it guys, it’s tough out there because we’ve got this image to “protect” that we’re strong, stoic, and tough. Well, I hate to break it to you, but get with the times. The modern man also talks about how sad they feel, how depressed or lonely they might be and how scared they are of things.

But wait! Before you close this out and say, “this blog is fuckn’ stupid and journalling is a waste of time”, I want to challenge you!

That’s right…you’re a guy who doesn’t back down from a challenge right?

OK then!

I challenge you to suck up the next 60 seconds to quickly glaze through (not even read in full detail!) the 5 Reasons Men Need to Journal!

5 reasons men need to journal

  1. It’s FREE! It doesn’t cost you anything to jot down on a scrap piece of paper that you’re feeling pissed off, happy, shitty, lonely or just plain bored.
  2. Make Use of that Pad of Paper and Pen you Swiped from the Office! It’s likely just sitting on your kitchen counter or desk at home anyway. Help fulfill its destiny and write something down, even if it’s gibberish that your 5 year old son could write.
  3. It’s Sexy! You know what? Journalling IS hot! Sit down on the couch one night and write down all your thoughts in your journal…and make sure your wife sees how focused you are journalling. Then later, on a scrap piece paper, simply write, “I’m Thinking of You…♥” and mysteriously leave it somewhere for your wife or partner to discover like on a bathroom mirror. For your sake, I hope it’s a Friday night, or you might be getting into work late the next morning…
  4. It’s Exercise! Do you like going to the gym? Well, how about some finger and wrist exercises…super easy, super light, and super results!
  5. You ARE a Man! Some of the greatest songwriters are men such as, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, and Mr Rogers. Long gone are the days when men used to grunt when they wanted something. The modern man isn’t afraid about his feelings. There’s no bravery or anything unusual required…it’s just the way it is and society is already shifting in that direction, so you may as well get onboard. Transfer those busy thoughts in your head onto paper and unload the weight. Trust me, you’ll feel less burdened afterwards. Otherwise if you hang onto those thoughts, they’ll just keep churning inside your head and eventually you’re going to feel really stressed out and might even get angry and take it out on someone. Just remember, you don’t even have to write “good”, and you can “mispell” words all you want, cuz no one needs to read it, including yourself.

And there you have it! Thanks for taking the time to read this, but before I sign off…

“It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor,
Would you be mine? Could you be mine?”

– Fred Rogers

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  1. In the 1800s, men would journal as well. That’s partly where we get some history from. It’s how we get some of the direct accounts of things that happened, how they lived, and other things.

    That’s another reason for men to journal.

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