The Reason Why I Can’t Put My Phone Down!

Click, click, click, swoosh….

….clickety, click, click, swoooosh….



“Oh! Where did the time go? It’s time to get ready for work!” I muttered to myself while wolfing down my toast and poached eggs with a final last slurp of coffee.

That’s the sound of breakfast time for me, texting and clicking away on my phone…come on, honestly, raise your hands if you’re also one of the millions who are texting and replying away, tweeting, playing candy crush, or reading some quick blog (hopefully this one!) while devouring your breakfast just minutes before leaving for school or work.

In today’s age of technology, using our phones or tablets while having a meal is a norm. When you think about it, it’s no different than when families use to eat in front of a television set (which some families still do).  Technology has a way of grabbing our attention away from whatever we’re doing. It’s addicting.

Growing up, I also loved playing video games. My parents, especially my dad was against it because he saw it as a bad addicting habit, almost like gambling. He was a disciplinarian to say the least and he even went as far as scolding my uncle one time for playing games on the family computer for what he felt was too long.

Technology is created to make our lives more efficient and to sometimes entertain. Thus, what better way to do that than with phones and tablets? We can multi-task! We can eat while entertaining ourselves or we can eat while communicating remotely.

It’s not as though we intentionally use our phones and tablets to avoid people at the breakfast table (at least for most of us), it’s just that…well, it’s just more fun!

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not an advocate of using technology while eating our meals, I’m just saying that we condemn ourselves for using it too often when we simply can’t admit the truth that it IS entertaining. It’s so entertaining that we sometimes forget how we managed to entertain ourselves before it was ever developed!

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This morning I went downstairs for breakfast at the hotel and decided to leave my phone in my room. I must say that it felt a little raw, exposed and unnerving a bit.

“What was I going to do while having breakfast by myself?!” I asked.

I sat there on the soft leather seat, ordered my poached eggs and coffee and noticed how lovely the waitress’ smile was. I listened to the sound of the lounge music softly playing in the background while the 6 am sunrise pierced through the restaurant window. I didn’t realize how tall the hotel lobby was with its bright contemporary color scheme decorated wall-to-wall.

My coffee was made to perfection with just the perfect ratio of sweetener and milk. And I forgot how much I love the feeling of popping the entire poached egg into my mouth and the sensation of the yolk bursting inside, oozing with tasty goodness. The watermelon this morning was exceptionally sweet like candy, or maybe it was yesterday as well but I never noticed. I finished off and dabbed the soft napkin around my lips, completely satisfied with my $15 meal.

I then stood up, stretched my entire body and then felt how light-weight my head was feeling, free from messages and chatter, free from emails and free from the time. I felt freer.


You know, every now and then I must admit it really does feel refreshing to be away from my phone. But I will also admit that I do enjoy using it because it is a source of entertainment and immediate communication for me. I don’t think that’s going to change for me anytime in the near future. However, why can’t I find entertainment without it, like I did this morning? And why do I need to reply immediately to others? These are questions I need to answer for myself and maybe do a better job in practicing mindfulness.

After all, I’m sure my friends and the rest of the world can wait for me while I enjoy my breakfast every now and then, to clear space in my head and to create a healthier mindset in the process.

Take care fellow readers, enjoy your breakfast and the great things around you.



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