Latest update on my book, “Living with the Dragon”

Hi everyone,

Some exciting news! I just received the first edit back from the publisher for my book, “Living with the Dragon – healing 15 000 days of abuse and shame.”

It’s an inspiring story that will benefit readers who are looking to gravitate towards a more positive outlook on life and find ways to heal their inner wounds.

Here’s a teaser from my publisher:

“In this moving autobiography, Jason Lee gives an honest and brave account of his life. As a Canadian-born Chinese man in his forties, Lee was raised in a household rife with physical and emotional abuse. He recounts stories of torment, angry outbursts, and beatings in his home that made him feel humiliated and unloved from a young age. Bullying at school and a complicated relationship with his brother who has schizophrenia added to Lee’s feelings of worthlessness and shame.

With stunning vulnerability, Lee confesses to his own emotionally abusive behaviour as an adult. While he sees the connection to his upbringing, he holds himself fully accountable for his bouts of rage and irrational behaviour…”

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Living with the Dragon

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There’s something greater to be learned in our journey otherwise life would just be too predictable and I’m not quite willing to accept that!

4 thoughts on “Latest update on my book, “Living with the Dragon”

  1. Yes! Great news!!!!! I love reading your blogs each day and I’m looking forward to the book. So many people have a difficult time with “excavating” their soul. Not only are you excavating but you are sharing and inspiring others with your journey. What a gift! I’m sure your insights will touch many hearts. All the best to you today and always!

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  2. I love this.
    I’m currently writing a book with a Canadian woman (I’m in Australia) her in Canada, I’ll be there this year to work on it.
    This sounds like not only an important book for men, but also women, or other men who have to try and navigate past traumas passed on to their partners.

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