Feeling Grateful

I detest feeling sick. That drippy runny nose and clogged sinus, makes it so difficult to concentrate. And whenever I get sick, I GET sick…I’m bedridden, miserable and feel drained. It’s frustrating because I exercise regularly, eat fairly healthy and average about 7-8 hours of sleep (albeit broken most nights). Oh, and I take vitamins too. Today, my cold hit me around 1pm while at work. My coworkers often tease me that I fall sick so easily and I banter back that it’s the stress that they induce on me that weakens my immune system.

I had every intention to blog today. When I woke up this morning, I felt like I wanted to spread some gratitude. And even with this darn head cold that’s weighing me down now, I still want to make sure I get to spread some joy (?and maybe this cold virus?).

So here it is while I sip on my hot tea.

5 Things I am grateful for (in no particular order):

  1. My home. I’m not one who lavishes in material goods and I don’t plan on starting anytime either. I love my little apartment that I’ve owned for the past 7 and half years. It’s tucked away in the suburbs, away from heavy traffic and city noise. I’m surrounded by trees and mountains everywhere I turn and it’s a really quiet neighborhood with easy access to amenities such as grocery stores, the gym, the pool and restaurants. I am really inspired by the documentary on Netflix called “Tiny Homes” which talks about how North American society measures success by how many cars we own and how many square feet our homes are. I’d rather measure my success based on what I have rather than chasing someone else’s ambitions. My home is a cozy 890 sq ft apartment and I have all that I need right here. I don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage or fixing the roof. Life is simple in my little apartment and it brings me great pleasure. I host get togethers once in a while with a few of my close friends and geek out to some fun boardgames and potluck. It works for me.
  2. My ability to exercise. I exercise regularly for a number of reasons (and I can write an entire blog about this which I might at a later time). Back in 2009 I broke my left achilles tendon. Not because I was doing something heroic like darting out into traffic to save a baby from oncoming traffic….no…i broke it while running up a flight of stairs. I was late picking up my son from school and I ran up a short flight of stairs when I suddenly slipped and hyper-extended my left leg. And then it popped. My left achilles tendon broke and required surgery which took in total about 9 months to completely heal. During that time, I had to either use a crutch, walking book or a cane to support my weight while walking. Until you break your achilles (which I don’t recommend), you won’t really realize and appreciate how valuable it is for the simplest things such as tippy-toeing or taking a shower or walking on an uneven ground. It’s one of many reasons why I exercise and I am grateful that I can.
  3. The air that I breathe. Yes, this sounds corny, but it’s true! I get to travel to many parts of the country for work and every time I return home and walk out of the Vancouver airport, I breathe in air that is fresher than anywhere else I’ve been to across this great country.
  4. My friends. Where would I be without them? My counsellor Guillermo once told me that life is all about connections. We connect with some better than others and for that, I am thankful for the friends who understand me. They are supportive of what I believe in and even through tough times in my life, they continue to stay connected with me at some capacity (whether it’s thru text, phone calls, get togethers, facebook, etc). Because of my friends, I enjoy exercising, playing boardgames, going out for beers or catching a movie together. I’m not a super talkative guy and in fact, there’s some days I just feel like hanging out without saying much at all. I just enjoy being around them and listening to them sometimes. My friends make me laugh, smile, think, learn and listen. They expand who I am and have been a huge part of my growth.
  5. Today, I am going to say Nyquil. This is not a product plug. My head and sinuses are congested and I need to lay down soon. Ohhh, sweet medicine…I wish I was a poet so I can write an ode to thee. Time to take some now and call it an early night!

Take a look around you and see the little things around you that you are appreciative of, whether it’s your home, your partner, kids or even a simple thing like your toothbrush. Remember, we are surrounded by beauty and by things that makes us feel grateful when we pause to appreciate them!



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