A Moment to Myself

As a single dad and someone who works full time, things can get extremely hectic in life. I thought I’d write a short post that’s a bit more organic and about how my weekend felt like this morning.


I sometimes hate the rain. I sometimes hate the sound of it, the heavy gloom that it brings and the fact that I won’t get a chance to go hiking or running without getting drenched. I sometimes complain and bitch about how it sucks that it rains for about 30% of the year in Vancouver, BC but this morning I felt very differently about it.

I got up at around 8:30 am and while my teenage son was still asleep, I decided to go for a short walk in the rain to the nearby coffee shop.

Some lovely memories popped up in my head as I went for that stroll. I started thinking about Oregon for some reason. I’m in love with that state maybe because I have so many great memories there. I’ve taken roadtrips there, camped in yurts, camped in cabins, stayed at the McMenamins Kennedy school/hotel in Portland (check it out! It’s really cool…it was a school that’s converted to a themed hotel), watched a live NBA basketball game, drove endlessly along the scenic and gorgeous coast nestled by towering trees, surfed, sandboarded, shopped tax-free, rode dune buggies on the beach, drove to the California state border, dined at food trucks and so many great eateries and the list is endless!

The little coffee shop along the coast with the best scones I’ve ever had!

As I walked in the morning rain towards the coffee shop, I started having these beautiful memories of Cannon Beach and the great little towns along the coast (Seaside, Manzanita, Florence, Newport to name a few) each unique from one and other. I remembered this little coffee shop that had the absolute best blue cheese, bacon and chive scones and the little local book shops and grocery stores where I remembered spending endless afternoons browsing through. I remembered wandering through local gift shops and just admiring the simplicity of the smaller towns. It was a wonderful and zenful moment to myself when I brought myself back to a place of peace. As I stood in line this morning listening to the lazy background music typical of coffee shops, my mind smiled and just transcended and melted into all those wonderful times. I walked out with my coffee in hand, strolled into the rain, listened to the sounds of the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops along the sidewalk and with a smile on my face.

I think I’d like to spend a weekend on my own back in Oregon sometime soon – it’d be sort of a homecoming for me to go back to a place of pure happiness and love.

My life is undoubtedly hectic with work, travel, looking after my son and taking care of myself and my home on a regular basis. Finding that little tiny time slot in the day for myself where I can feel “in the zone” can be rare but I love it when that happens. As I’m typing this out, I’m turning to look out my window and notice that the sun is literally shining.

Have a great weekend!


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