Imagine if Darth Vader went to Counseling (Warning: Geek Alert!)

Imagine if Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) went to counseling…


These are the top 10 things I can imagine what his counselor might say to him:

  1. Meditate – listen to master Yoda and learn to quiet the mind. Center yourself to your breath and focus not on the future nor past, just simply stay with the present.
  2. Identify Your Feelings – Recognize and acknowledge your actual feelings inside of you. Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed or depressed perhaps? Are there too many expectations placed on you by that Jedi council? Speak freely about it because, “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering.”
  3. Search Your Past – but not dwell on it. Who are you? How was your upbringing? What role did your father play in your life? What? You didn’t have a father? And who is this Watto thing? Did he beat you? Was he verbally and emotionally abusive to you? Tell me more…
  4. Love Yourself – you are a very talented and skilled young man. You can slice a fruit to impress a girl using only your mind and build an obnoxious yet loveable droid without a computer while living in an adobe clay house.
  5. Practice ForgivenessMaster Kenobi was like a brother to you! Understand that he is only coming from a place of love and not hate. Forgive him. And also learn to forgive yourself for neglecting the childhood that you lost to an Irish Actor who selfishly wooed you into his shiny star cruiser in order to claim intergalactic stardom that he found the chosen one.
  6. Learn Understanding and Acceptance – you are not born a bad person. Though no one knows how and why you were born because no one thought to ask more questions to Shmi, you must understand that things happen for a reason and you are very much loved. Accept that and your mind can be more at peace.
  7. Embrace the present – much like meditation, embrace what you have now. You have great friends including junior Greedo and a podracer that kids in this solar system can literally only dream of.
  8. Set Goals – maybe freeing you and your mom from slavery is a bit ambitious for a 9 year old boy. Set goals that are small ones but attainable so you don’t get too discouraged such as learning a new hobby, attending school or getting a new haircut.
  9. Find Healthier Outlets – when an onset of overwhelming emotions such as anger fills your mind, maybe put down the light sabre and find healthier ways to channel that energy. Exercise, take a bath, take a time-out, go for a walk with Padme or listen to the cool collective tunes of the Max Rebo Band.
  10. Eat a Healthier Diet – I’m sorry, blue milk just doesn’t have the calcium and vitamins you need. Make sure you take in foods with a good source of omega 3’s which aids in cognitive thinking.

And maybe, just maybe poor Anakin would have then realized that anyone who calls something the “Death Star” can’t be too healthy to hang around with.heart-2028655_640

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