The “4 second Jetti Mind Trick”

I watched the movie Return of the Jedi when I was 10 years old. My uncle that brought me to watch the movie used to pronounce Jedi as “Jetti”. I’m not sure if he was trying to be funny or if he truly believed that’s how it was supposed to be pronounced.

In the movie, the juggernaut crime lord Jabba the Hut accuses hero Luke Skywalker for playing a Jedi Mind Trick on him. I’m sure there’s tons of geek forums out there that can endlessly speculate the details of what it is, but for simplicity let’s just say it’s a play on the mind.

Well, here’s what I call the 4 second Jetti Mind Trick”. I’m not quite a Jetti-master yet but I’m getting there and use it from time to time. Try it with me (but read it through first because I’ll ask you to close your eyes which makes it nearly impossible for you to read what’s next unless you’re already skilled in the art of Jetti-ism?!)….Ready to have your mind blown away? Get ready…here’s how you do the 4 second Jetti Mind Trick:

  1. Sit comfortably upright on a chair or on your bed.
  2. Close your eyes and stop fidgeting for a moment.
  3. Take 4 seconds to deeply inhale through your nose.
  4. Hold it there at the apex of your lungs for 4 seconds…hold it…hold it…..hold it!
  5. Now RELEASE through your mouth and take 4 seconds to exhaust all that you inhaled in your lungs and stomach.
  6. When you’ve reached that bottom point in your exhale, HOLD it there for 4 more seconds.

Now repeat that for at least 4 more times (I usually go up to 10).

How do you feel? A tiny bit more relaxed? Heart rate’s probably a little lower? A bit more clarity? Well that’s because you just did a Jetti Mind Trick on yourself!

When you’re feeling a bit agitated or a bit overwhelmed with anxiety, give this a go. It helps slow things down in our heads. After all, it worked for Luke in Empire Strikes Back when he was clutching on with one hand in Cloud City using his mind to call his unbeknown twin sister and it worked for me when my son refused to talk to me for a period of 8 months.

And in honor of the Star Wars movies, the food of the day is milk. And add some blue food coloring to it as well while you’re at it…Cheers.

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